Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Gallery Venue..

Here at Origin Ffoto, we are proud to announce the confirmed gallery space and dates where the exhibition "Identity" will take place!
The venue will be Tactile Bosch in Cardiff, South Wales. An elaborate and contemporary underground warehouse, which consists of a range of different rooms and loft spaces for presentation of a range of different media forms including, photography, illustration, performing arts, video and more. 

Visit their site for more information - www.tactilebosch.org

The Launch Night will take place on Saturday 5th June 2010! 


‘Identity’ – Who or what a person is; sameness.

Everything and everyone has an identity in some form or another.  It is part of our lives, it is in the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the words we speak and the jobs we have.  Our identity is a part of our lives that is created, not just by people but also by businesses, social groups and class structures. It is these identities that can make us unique or make us the same and no matter which way you look at it, identity has an enormous impact on our lives.


The photographers of Origin Ffoto have been exploring different interpretations of what identity means.  We have created a wide and varied variety of architectural, social, personal and some maybe slightly more unconventional ideas of what identity means to us and will be exploring these ideas through the medium of photography.


At Origin Ffoto we strive to be unique and creative and are very keen to express our interpretations of identity in our own very distinct and original ways.  

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Rosie Pope

Originally from Bristol, Rosie now lives and works in Cardiff, south Wales.  She has studied Photography and Art and Design for the last seven years and now specialises in photographic arts.

Rosie works in both film and digital formats, focusing most of her work around handwritten typography and the human form.  Her most recent series of work is based on reading body language and inner thought and is intended to explore the idea of the subliminal becoming explicit and the secretive becoming public.

Rosie’s work has previously been exhibited in group shows both Bristol and South Wales and is currently working towards another exhibition as part of Origin Ffoto.  

Craig Simmonds

Craig Simmonds is an up and coming photographer currently studying a BA in photographic practice. His practice and works are within the field of fine art and documentary photography, the works are carried out within the South Wales area in the UK. 

The photographic work consists of industrial and contemporary bodies of work, usually capturing monochromatic scenes that are built up of structural subjects. My photographic practice offers me the opportunity to create scenes that often are unoccupied and futile, with the meaning frequently abstruse. My design background is reflected within the work with careful composition applied to the subject photographed. 

Melissa Jenkins

Born and raised in South Wales, UK, Melissa spent her youth exploring ways of expressionism through different media forms, art, music and photography. After studying four years in photographic practice, Melissa now specializes in fashion-based photography, experimenting with character building, with an aim to create beautiful imagery with an edge, drawing the viewer into a coherent story.

Melissa’s work has been exhibited at several group exhibitions in South Wales, and is currently working on a body of work, “Identity” which will be exhibited June 2010. Her work had been featured in worldwide-published magazines and vast online e-zines, and is often commissioned by highly established designers and businesses throughout the UK.

Zoe Stanton

Zoe Stanton is originally form a town in the West Midlands, where she studied film and television for four years.   She still bases some of her photography work in the Midlands but currently lives and works in Cardiff, South Wales. 

Zoe draws inspiration from her time in the creative industries and produces photographic images in the style of film stills. Zoe’s work is renowned for having a strong narrative as well as more subtle underlying meanings. Zoe’s work with in the creative industries has been exhibited in Stratford Upon Avon as well as being featured on the BBC, and her photographic work has been shown in group exhibitions in South Wales. 

Zoe is now working on a group exhibition as part of Origin Ffoto, which will feature her newest series of film inspired images.

Eloise Morgan

Born in England and raised in Wales, Eloise Morgan has been studying photography for the past four years.

Working in both traditional and digital formats, Eloise’s style and specialist areas cover a range of different elements from portraits to landscapes, but enjoys experimenting with photographic arts when possible. The newest piece of work that she has been developing looks at how the loss or desecration of identity can force or simple allow people to truly think about how they feel about certain issues, ideas or identities that are accepted within today’s society.

Eloise, has already had several group exhibitions since beginning her studies within the South Wales area, and is currently working towards a new and exciting exhibition as part of the Origin Photographic group.

Michael Morgan


Danni Shaw

Danielle Shaw is a Photographer based in the South Wales area. She specialises in landscape/ outdoor photography and studio product advertising photography. She uses both digital and 35mm film cameras to produce unique and striking images. She is very interested in tree photography and is fascinated by the way they grow and how every tree is individual and likes to show this is some of her landscape images.

Carly Graudins

Carly Graudins is based in South Wales, United Kingdom.  She is an upcoming photographer studying a Photographic (BA Hons) degree.  She specialises in night time and product photography using Nikon equipment to produce high quality images.  Her work has been exhibited at the Grand Theatre, Swansea and also in Bridgend College.  

Friday, 27 November 2009

Origin Ffoto

Origin Ffoto, based in Wales, a small gathering of photographers and photographic artists who are currently organising our debut exhibition, “Identity” for 2010.
This blog will be used to document our journey and progression as a group. 

Meet the team...